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Moving all your belongings for a business or person is hard and it can be nerve wracking. Hiring a professional mover is a no-brainer because it puts a safety and quality service factor in place that would not be there if friends, local labor department day-workers or an uninsured company were used to mover your things instead. Sun City Movers strongly suggest that you hire moving professionals to move your things just like you would to work on your home or business central heating system.
Our policy is for everything inside your furniture be removed and boxed. Your things can get broken and boxing them with packing paper will prevent that from happening.
The definitive answer to that question is a resounding yes! We are full insured in the County of Nairobi with all the required workers compensation, cargo insurance and liability insurance in place and current. Maintaining insurance is required legally. The required coverage protects both our customers and us as a company.
Sun City Movers will accept Visa, MasterCard, and cash. We do not take personal checks.

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